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How to make sure you are choosing the right wedding gown

Wedding dress shopping can be both exciting and stressful- we totally get it. While the thrill of finding YOUR DRESS is incredible, there are so many styles, fabrics, and choices out there that often times brides see too many dresses and get overwhelmed.

We are both a wedding dress shop as well as a tailoring business so we understand that each bride is unique, one-of-a-kind, and needs a dress to make her feel incredible and show-stopping.


How do you make sure you are choosing the right wedding gown?

How do you know what style or fabric to choose? What silhouette is right for you?

We are here to help! With expertise in both fit and style with our years of tailoring, we want to offer some tips when you are choosing wedding gowns.

Tip #1: find fabrics and colors that you love.


Look for fabrics that are light and airy for summer and spring weddings. You can use heavier weight fabrics in the fall and winter since it tends to be cooler. If you love lace, try on dresses with lace.

Make sure you take the time to research dresses before you try them on to see what fabrics you fall in love with (check us out on to see the dresses, fabrics, and wedding inspiration we LOVE).

Also find what color you love. There are so many different colors of dresses out there- but don’t let that scare you. Find something that goes well with your overall color pallet and what you may have decided about your grooms look.

Black tuxedos go well with white dresses, grey suits can compliment a blush color dress, and champagne is stunning with navy. If you love the color of a dress (even if it’s not traditional) try it on!

Tip # 2: don’t be afraid to try styles you think “don’t work”.


Sometimes brides shy away from styles before they even try them on- try not to do that! You never quite know what style works best for you until you try on the dress.

Some styles are easier for taller brides, and there are even some dresses that work well for brides with a smaller bust size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try them on.

Trying on all the styles of dresses you love makes your list of styles perfect for you. You’ll know which ones work and which ones don’t, but again you don’t know until you try!

There are dresses that lay flatter on the body, there are dresses that are light and airy with a full tulle skirt, ballgowns, strapless, halter, and so many in between. Again, you never know what works (and even better- what DOESN’T) until you try on as many styles as you can.

Tip #3: bring a friend with a camera and an honest opinion.


If your salon allows it, make sure to bring your camera. It doesn’t need to be expensive and it can even be your phone camera- but make sure you also bring a friend who will be honest with you about what looks great and what could look better.

Family is good once you’ve selected the top 2-3 dresses but until you find those your best bet is your most honest friend (or friends) to be your dress shopping entourage.

You want to hear those honest opinions and see photos of you in some of your favorites so you know how great you’ll look on your wedding day!

And now for our final tip……

Tip #4: bring any of the accessories you want to wear on your big day.


It’s a great idea to bring any accessories you know or are almost certain you want to wear with your gown. This is a great practice because it will help you make sure you pick the right style from the top of the dress to the bottom!

Your grandmother’s necklace, your favorite pair of earrings, some killer shoes- whatever you have that you’ve decided on needs to come to any and all appointments.

The entire look will be even more beautiful if you get a glimpse of it before the big day. And it ensures the right style and fabrics are chosen.

We hope that you find your dream dress! We want to make sure you choose the right wedding gown. We’d love to show you some of our great dresses and how we will spoil you during your appointment.

We work hard to ensure our brides look great and feel great in a wedding dress that fits in both style and feel.

We can’t wait to meet you!