This week we thought we would take it all the way back to some basics.

We’ve spent time talking about wedding dresses and thought it was the right time to talk about what you actually need to know, do, and consider before you go wedding dress shopping.


First, make sure you do your research!

Research dresses you love and make appointments at shops based on that. We don’t recommend the other way around because it can all get overwhelming, and overwhelming fast.

If you search for dresses and designers you love you can find local shops that specialize in those dresses and designers. Make it easier on yourself and your entourage this way!


Second, know your budget.

Make sure you know how much you want to spend, how much you can spend, and also know how much is totally out of the question.

It’s easy to fall in love with all the dresses you try on, but you may add extra and unnecessary stress to yourself if you find a dress and realize it’s out of your budget.

It’s best and easiest to stick with a budget and be upfront about it at your appointments.

It’s also important to make sure to add in the cost of tailoring and altering your dress. It’s very rare to find the perfect fit right off the rack so it will cost some additional money to make your dream dress fit like a glove. We suggest adding another $300 to your budget to cover those costs.

Third, bring the right under garments.

Remember to wear a nude or white pair of panties and bra. Even if you don’t think you’ll try on strapless gowns, throw a nude strapless bra into your bag just to make sure you are prepared. Seamless or no-show panties will give you the best look but any nude or white set of undergarments will work.

You don’t want to be distracted by floral underwear when you are trying on dresses!


Fourth, don’t forget SHOES!

Bring a pair of shoes that seem to be close to the height of shoe you are likely to wear.

You don’t have to bring the wedding shoes but bring a shoe that mimics a height of heel you’d wear on your big day. This helps with how the dress lays & moves when you wear it.

Lastly, choose your entourage wisely.

Make sure you bring friends and family that are honest with you based on what you tell them you want. You want to make sure you have an advocate for not only what looks the best on you but someone who keeps you aligned with your overall vision for your dress and day.

This person should be ok nudging you and any bridal shop associate toward what you said you wanted in a dress. It’s so easy to fall in love with all of the dresses that you’ll want someone there to bring you back down from la-la-land.


These five tips will make it easy for you to start the hunt for your dream dress. We’d love to invite you in to our shop to see our one-of-a-kind, European inspired dresses.

The lace is gorgeous, the fabrics are dreamy, and the styles are so unique your guests will be talking about your amazing gown long after your wedding is over. Call us for an appointment!