You do your research. You learn about all the different dresses and fabrics, you visit all the bridal shops and finally find the dress. You try it on and fall in love each time you put it on.

But then you realize you haven’t thought about accessories and a veil! Oh no! What do you do?

Think veil. It’s a classic personalization piece that is so beautiful. And there are so many options you will find the perfect one for you and for your dress. So how do you do that?

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How do I pick out the best veil for me?

There are a few things to consider when trying to determine what style of veil that would work best for you. Here are our tips for picking out the best veil for you. In the end, buy the one that you fall in love with!


First, decide if you want your hair up, down, or in-between.

This gives you a better understanding of what kind of detail you want on your veil. If you wear your hair up you’ll be able to wear a veil studded with beads and crystals a lot easier. This is because the beading and detail will be show off and won’t compete with your curls.

Second, decide what length works best for you.

If you have a dress with a lot of detail on the back, you should look at veils that hit above the back of your dress line. If the back of your dress is more simple, look at those long and extra long veils. This will be easiest if you have a shirt or tank top that mimics the style of the back (if at all possible!) or having the dress with you when you try your veil on. Make sure you ask about any return or exchange policies just incase.


Third, choose a color that compliments your dress.

White veils will work best with white dresses where off-white dresses can see more versatility. You don’t have to get your colors matching to a 100% but you do want them close enough that it’s hard for the naked eye to see a difference. Bring a swatch of your dress (pictures just won’t show the color in the same way) to really ensure that you get the right color match. Don’t be afraid to ask if your veil can be dyed- some veils can be changed from an all-white to a color close to your dress. Make sure to do this with plenty of time for plan B if you decide you don’t like the color.

Lastly, don’t forget about the width!

If you want your veil to cover your face and shoulders if you choose to be more traditionally given away, you will need a veil with more width. If you want something to accessorize your look without providing coverage you can look at skinnier veils. When looking at width we suggest you also consider length again. A longer veil in a wider width will still flow freely where a wider veil in a shorter width may look full and stacked.


Veils are so beautiful and a great way to personalize your look on your wedding day. There are so many to choose from and so many factors to consider when looking.

But in the end it needs to be something you love, feel good in, and want to look at yourself wearing in photos. It should make you feel the most beautiful on the best day of your life!