Choosing the right colors for your wedding is so important!

The overall vision of your day really is tied together by the right color choices.

How to create a great color palette for your wedding is simple.


We wanted to help brides (and grooms) everywhere figure out how they can decide what color palette works best for them and for their day.

Here are some tips to help you decide what colors will work best for your big day!

Get inspiration from the season you are getting married in.

It’s easiest to write down what season you are getting married in and colors that are present in that season. Working with nature will make your vision come together effortlessly.

Getting married in the summer? Think blues, greens, and more vibrant colors. How about the spring? Pastels, light greens, and soft blues will compliment perfect. The fall is great for orange, evergreen, and navy and winter weddings work so well when couples opt for burgundy, golds, black, and grey.

If there is a color you just have to have, try slightly varying your shades.

It’s a cool and trendy idea to go monochromatic. If you have an undying love for a color, try using that color and different shades and opacities of that same color.

It’s pretty effortless to do this with whites and grey. If you have a spring or summer wedding this tends to be a bit easier than if you would try the other seasons. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

(thanks to and Pinterest for this find!)

(thanks to and Pinterest for this find!)

(thanks to and Pinterest for this find, too!)

(thanks to and Pinterest for this find, too!)

The best way to achieve this is to find a color you LOVE and use a tool like to find colors that advise complimentary monochromatic hues. After that the sky is the limit for what you can do with this easy color palette option.

Try something new and bold.

If you think back to the last four or five weddings you’ve been to and it seems that their colors all blend together, maybe you should try color choices that are fresh and new. If you dare to be bold this may be the option for you.

Go back to basics and consult your color wheel. Yellow and purple, orange and blue, red and green. If that’s too bold find slightly softer and more muted versions of these colors and use those.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.29.09 PM.png

Our last tip is - consider the style of wedding you are having.

Some colors just go better with certain styles. If you want a whimsical garden party, it may not be best to choose deep reds and oranges. If you want a fun and lively nostalgic party (complete with banjos and a sundae bar) it may not be the right setting for blacks and golds.

Once you determine your color palette, the rest will come SO much easier.

The colors and style of decor will also help you decide what style and fabric you want for your wedding dress (see our last two posts for help on fits and fabrics if you need help!