What to know before you go (wedding dress shopping!)

This week we thought we would take it all the way back to some basics.

We’ve spent time talking about wedding dresses and thought it was the right time to talk about what you actually need to know, do, and consider before you go wedding dress shopping.


First, make sure you do your research!

Research dresses you love and make appointments at shops based on that. We don’t recommend the other way around because it can all get overwhelming, and overwhelming fast.

If you search for dresses and designers you love you can find local shops that specialize in those dresses and designers. Make it easier on yourself and your entourage this way!


Second, know your budget.

Make sure you know how much you want to spend, how much you can spend, and also know how much is totally out of the question.

It’s easy to fall in love with all the dresses you try on, but you may add extra and unnecessary stress to yourself if you find a dress and realize it’s out of your budget.

It’s best and easiest to stick with a budget and be upfront about it at your appointments.

It’s also important to make sure to add in the cost of tailoring and altering your dress. It’s very rare to find the perfect fit right off the rack so it will cost some additional money to make your dream dress fit like a glove. We suggest adding another $300 to your budget to cover those costs.

Third, bring the right under garments.

Remember to wear a nude or white pair of panties and bra. Even if you don’t think you’ll try on strapless gowns, throw a nude strapless bra into your bag just to make sure you are prepared. Seamless or no-show panties will give you the best look but any nude or white set of undergarments will work.

You don’t want to be distracted by floral underwear when you are trying on dresses!


Fourth, don’t forget SHOES!

Bring a pair of shoes that seem to be close to the height of shoe you are likely to wear.

You don’t have to bring the wedding shoes but bring a shoe that mimics a height of heel you’d wear on your big day. This helps with how the dress lays & moves when you wear it.

Lastly, choose your entourage wisely.

Make sure you bring friends and family that are honest with you based on what you tell them you want. You want to make sure you have an advocate for not only what looks the best on you but someone who keeps you aligned with your overall vision for your dress and day.

This person should be ok nudging you and any bridal shop associate toward what you said you wanted in a dress. It’s so easy to fall in love with all of the dresses that you’ll want someone there to bring you back down from la-la-land.


These five tips will make it easy for you to start the hunt for your dream dress. We’d love to invite you in to our shop to see our one-of-a-kind, European inspired dresses.

The lace is gorgeous, the fabrics are dreamy, and the styles are so unique your guests will be talking about your amazing gown long after your wedding is over. Call us for an appointment!

What's the big deal with bustles?

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. Some styles are airy, some are full, some are full of lace and so much more. There are so many more styles that we just can’t list them all here!

But we do know a thing or two about bustles. We often see brides opt for adding bustles to their dresses because it makes their reception so much easier and more enjoyable (and they can walk around SO much easier!)

valentinos-oct-2018-43 copy.jpg

So what is a bustle, and what’s the big deal?

A bustle gathers up extra fabric (generally from the train of a dress) with buttons, hooks, or ties. This is particularly helpful for receptions since brides will walk around to greet guests, dance, and sit. The bustle makes the dress appear to skim the floor regardless of what the dress and train originally looked like.

valentinos-oct-2018-31 copy.jpg

Why would I choose to bustle my dress?

Likely because it makes walking and dancing so much easier. It is also a good way to make sure your dress doesn’t drag the whole night and get ruined. This way you can preserve it later to enjoy for years to come. It’s also a fun way to make your look a little different as the party starts!

What are the different types of bustles?

There are three main bustles we see more often than not. The first is the American Bustle. The American bustle has 1-5 hooks or buttons and lifts the fabric on top of the dress and lifts the overall length to hem length. This is great for ballgowns or gowns with trains that have more detail that would still want to be showed off.

(thanks to insideweddings.com for this photo!)

(thanks to insideweddings.com for this photo!)

The next bustle type we generally see is the French bustle. A French bustle tucks under the dress with anywhere from 1-3 hooks or ties so that the fabric tucks under the dress. This is the opposite of the American bustle. If you add more than one spot for the fabric to gather under the dress you can create a fluffy and cascading look without changing dresses.

(thanks to Pinterest for this example)

(thanks to Pinterest for this example)

The last example of a bustle that we see often is the Ballroom bustle. This bustle essentially makes the train of the dress disappear and makes the gown appear to be floor length all around. This is an elegant look that works best on ballroom gowns. This is a very elegant look but can become costly for the ballroom dresses with a lot of fabric.

(thanks to Pinterest for this one again!)

(thanks to Pinterest for this one again!)

Bustles are great for receptions- this allows you to move and dance freely while still maintaining the integrity of your dress so you can preserve it later.

When you decide to opt for a bustle it’s important to remember these two factors: consider your fabric and consider the budget for a bustle.

What we mean by this is make sure you know how much care and attention are going to be required of your dress due to your fabric choice and make sure to budget for the cost of the bustle. Dresses don’t come with the price of the bustle included so being prepared at the beginning makes your life go a lot smoother later on!

valentinos-oct-2018-22 copy.jpg

Informed brides make better brides- coming in knowing what you want and need helps make the whole process (from buying to wearing) a whole lot easier!

If the question is, “to bustle or not to bustle"?”- we’ll always say bustle!

Veils 101- How do I pick out the best veil for me?

You do your research. You learn about all the different dresses and fabrics, you visit all the bridal shops and finally find the dress. You try it on and fall in love each time you put it on.

But then you realize you haven’t thought about accessories and a veil! Oh no! What do you do?

Think veil. It’s a classic personalization piece that is so beautiful. And there are so many options you will find the perfect one for you and for your dress. So how do you do that?

valentinos-oct-2018-71 copy.jpg

How do I pick out the best veil for me?

There are a few things to consider when trying to determine what style of veil that would work best for you. Here are our tips for picking out the best veil for you. In the end, buy the one that you fall in love with!


First, decide if you want your hair up, down, or in-between.

This gives you a better understanding of what kind of detail you want on your veil. If you wear your hair up you’ll be able to wear a veil studded with beads and crystals a lot easier. This is because the beading and detail will be show off and won’t compete with your curls.

Second, decide what length works best for you.

If you have a dress with a lot of detail on the back, you should look at veils that hit above the back of your dress line. If the back of your dress is more simple, look at those long and extra long veils. This will be easiest if you have a shirt or tank top that mimics the style of the back (if at all possible!) or having the dress with you when you try your veil on. Make sure you ask about any return or exchange policies just incase.


Third, choose a color that compliments your dress.

White veils will work best with white dresses where off-white dresses can see more versatility. You don’t have to get your colors matching to a 100% but you do want them close enough that it’s hard for the naked eye to see a difference. Bring a swatch of your dress (pictures just won’t show the color in the same way) to really ensure that you get the right color match. Don’t be afraid to ask if your veil can be dyed- some veils can be changed from an all-white to a color close to your dress. Make sure to do this with plenty of time for plan B if you decide you don’t like the color.

Lastly, don’t forget about the width!

If you want your veil to cover your face and shoulders if you choose to be more traditionally given away, you will need a veil with more width. If you want something to accessorize your look without providing coverage you can look at skinnier veils. When looking at width we suggest you also consider length again. A longer veil in a wider width will still flow freely where a wider veil in a shorter width may look full and stacked.


Veils are so beautiful and a great way to personalize your look on your wedding day. There are so many to choose from and so many factors to consider when looking.

But in the end it needs to be something you love, feel good in, and want to look at yourself wearing in photos. It should make you feel the most beautiful on the best day of your life!

How To Create Great Color Palette For Your Wedding

Choosing the right colors for your wedding is so important!

The overall vision of your day really is tied together by the right color choices.

How to create a great color palette for your wedding is simple.


We wanted to help brides (and grooms) everywhere figure out how they can decide what color palette works best for them and for their day.

Here are some tips to help you decide what colors will work best for your big day!

Get inspiration from the season you are getting married in.

It’s easiest to write down what season you are getting married in and colors that are present in that season. Working with nature will make your vision come together effortlessly.

Getting married in the summer? Think blues, greens, and more vibrant colors. How about the spring? Pastels, light greens, and soft blues will compliment perfect. The fall is great for orange, evergreen, and navy and winter weddings work so well when couples opt for burgundy, golds, black, and grey.

If there is a color you just have to have, try slightly varying your shades.

It’s a cool and trendy idea to go monochromatic. If you have an undying love for a color, try using that color and different shades and opacities of that same color.

It’s pretty effortless to do this with whites and grey. If you have a spring or summer wedding this tends to be a bit easier than if you would try the other seasons. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

(thanks to ruffledblog.com and Pinterest for this find!)

(thanks to ruffledblog.com and Pinterest for this find!)

(thanks to budgetsavvybride.com and Pinterest for this find, too!)

(thanks to budgetsavvybride.com and Pinterest for this find, too!)

The best way to achieve this is to find a color you LOVE and use a tool like http://paletton.com to find colors that advise complimentary monochromatic hues. After that the sky is the limit for what you can do with this easy color palette option.

Try something new and bold.

If you think back to the last four or five weddings you’ve been to and it seems that their colors all blend together, maybe you should try color choices that are fresh and new. If you dare to be bold this may be the option for you.

Go back to basics and consult your color wheel. Yellow and purple, orange and blue, red and green. If that’s too bold find slightly softer and more muted versions of these colors and use those.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 6.29.09 PM.png

Our last tip is - consider the style of wedding you are having.

Some colors just go better with certain styles. If you want a whimsical garden party, it may not be best to choose deep reds and oranges. If you want a fun and lively nostalgic party (complete with banjos and a sundae bar) it may not be the right setting for blacks and golds.

Once you determine your color palette, the rest will come SO much easier.

The colors and style of decor will also help you decide what style and fabric you want for your wedding dress (see our last two posts for help on fits and fabrics if you need help!

How to decide what fabric and finish that works best for you!

There are so many different fabrics and finishes to choose from when it comes to wedding dress.

And often, fabrics and finishes are used together to create amazing and stunning wedding gowns.

But have you ever touched a wedding dress and found you LOVED the fabric or finish so much you wanted to make sure that you found a gown that had those same characteristics?

lace wedding gown

We thought we would help brides understand the top common fabrics and finishes that are used in wedding dresses so they feel well-prepared to find the dress of their dreams!

Number one: Satin

Satin isn’t a fabric as it’s a finish applied to fabrics. This finish can be applied to any fabric (such as silk, polyester, or a blend).

Satin is very durable and withstands a lot of beating up so it makes sense that most wedding dress fabrics are finished this way. Most bridal satin is 100% silk. This means that the fabric is incredible but carries a higher price point (as it should!)

Number two: Chiffon

Chiffon is very shear and lightweight and can make for some gorgeous, etherial wedding gowns. It’s so shear that often times you’ll find it place over additional fabrics so the dress doesn’t become see-through. Layers of chiffon are easy to stack to give off more flow-y and godess-y looks without adding a lot of weight.

chiffon off shoulder wedding gown

Number three: Lace

This is by far our favorite fabric out there. We know that dresses without lace can be just as gorgeous, but we love how personalized and stunning lace can look in a variety of different ways. Lace can be incorporated as much or as little as you’d like.

We have dresses that have lace around the bust, lace all over the top of the dress, cascading down the train, and dresses with lace all over.

lace applique wedding dress

Lace is so personalized and really varies depending on the designer, fabric, and style.

Lace is so elegant and a surefire way to have guests talking about your gown long after your wedding is over.

Number four: Voile

Voile isn’t fully transparent, but you’ll want to make sure you get the right undergarments to wear under this fabric. This fabric is usually made out of silk or polyester. This is a great lightweight fabric for those brides getting married in the summer.

It’s better suited for more casual affairs as the fabric itself appears a bit more casual, but the right accessories could elevate this look to be perfect for your event!

Deciding what fabric and finish works best for you should not be difficult.

Taking the time to educate yourself about some of the different fabrics and finishes will help make your decision easier for you.

lace wedding dress

We’d love to help you see different styles, fabrics, finishes, and dresses to help you choose the best dress for you. With years of tailoring experience, we can help you decide what works best for you.


How to make sure you are choosing the right wedding gown

Wedding dress shopping can be both exciting and stressful- we totally get it. While the thrill of finding YOUR DRESS is incredible, there are so many styles, fabrics, and choices out there that often times brides see too many dresses and get overwhelmed.

We are both a wedding dress shop as well as a tailoring business so we understand that each bride is unique, one-of-a-kind, and needs a dress to make her feel incredible and show-stopping.


How do you make sure you are choosing the right wedding gown?

How do you know what style or fabric to choose? What silhouette is right for you?

We are here to help! With expertise in both fit and style with our years of tailoring, we want to offer some tips when you are choosing wedding gowns.

Tip #1: find fabrics and colors that you love.


Look for fabrics that are light and airy for summer and spring weddings. You can use heavier weight fabrics in the fall and winter since it tends to be cooler. If you love lace, try on dresses with lace.

Make sure you take the time to research dresses before you try them on to see what fabrics you fall in love with (check us out on https://www.pinterest.com/valentinosbridal/ to see the dresses, fabrics, and wedding inspiration we LOVE).

Also find what color you love. There are so many different colors of dresses out there- but don’t let that scare you. Find something that goes well with your overall color pallet and what you may have decided about your grooms look.

Black tuxedos go well with white dresses, grey suits can compliment a blush color dress, and champagne is stunning with navy. If you love the color of a dress (even if it’s not traditional) try it on!

Tip # 2: don’t be afraid to try styles you think “don’t work”.


Sometimes brides shy away from styles before they even try them on- try not to do that! You never quite know what style works best for you until you try on the dress.

Some styles are easier for taller brides, and there are even some dresses that work well for brides with a smaller bust size, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try them on.

Trying on all the styles of dresses you love makes your list of styles perfect for you. You’ll know which ones work and which ones don’t, but again you don’t know until you try!

There are dresses that lay flatter on the body, there are dresses that are light and airy with a full tulle skirt, ballgowns, strapless, halter, and so many in between. Again, you never know what works (and even better- what DOESN’T) until you try on as many styles as you can.

Tip #3: bring a friend with a camera and an honest opinion.


If your salon allows it, make sure to bring your camera. It doesn’t need to be expensive and it can even be your phone camera- but make sure you also bring a friend who will be honest with you about what looks great and what could look better.

Family is good once you’ve selected the top 2-3 dresses but until you find those your best bet is your most honest friend (or friends) to be your dress shopping entourage.

You want to hear those honest opinions and see photos of you in some of your favorites so you know how great you’ll look on your wedding day!

And now for our final tip……

Tip #4: bring any of the accessories you want to wear on your big day.


It’s a great idea to bring any accessories you know or are almost certain you want to wear with your gown. This is a great practice because it will help you make sure you pick the right style from the top of the dress to the bottom!

Your grandmother’s necklace, your favorite pair of earrings, some killer shoes- whatever you have that you’ve decided on needs to come to any and all appointments.

The entire look will be even more beautiful if you get a glimpse of it before the big day. And it ensures the right style and fabrics are chosen.

We hope that you find your dream dress! We want to make sure you choose the right wedding gown. We’d love to show you some of our great dresses and how we will spoil you during your appointment.

We work hard to ensure our brides look great and feel great in a wedding dress that fits in both style and feel.

We can’t wait to meet you!


NEW BRAND: Tina Valerdi

We are proud to announce the next brand we represent: Tina Valerdi beautiful wedding dresses from Russia.


Morilee by Madeline Gardner

We are very proud to announce we now represent Morilee!!  

This is an amazing line of great dresses which you will love!

come and see them!



New designers and our own line!

We are now offering Naviblue, Val Stefani, Lussano and we are very excited to announce our own line! It is called Simioni Nevesta. 

Soon you will see pictures right here!

Crystal designs Trunk Show

April 27th though April 30th we will be showing the new Crystal Designs collection.

We have seen these dresses and they are beautiful. We look forward to presenting these to you.

Please call for an appointment: 330-405-7929

Youngstown Bridal Show February 18, 2017

We will be attending the Grand Finale Bridal Show at the Metroplex Expo Center in Girard OH right outside of Youngstown, OH. The show is on Saturday February 18, 2017 from noon until 4pm

We will be bringing our previously announced Adriana Alier trunk show dresses with us as well as the majority of the dresses we have at our store.

We will be offering prizes and discounts during the show.

Looking forward to seeing you there!